Here at eatingthewild.com we’re all about hunting and harvesting our own food.

Hi, my name is Jack and I’m the creator of eating the wild, if I’m not out chasing some furry or feathered creature, I’m usually up some river with a 4 weight fly rod. Outside of hunting and fishing, I’m usually behind my computer screen writing all about it.

Together with a team of expert hunters and anglers, we want to educate beginners, as well as pros and the general public about hunting and fishing.

I was fortunate enough to grow up hunting and fishing, however, I understand not everyone is that fortunate. Some people get into this lifestyle at a later age and don’t have the luxury of someone else to show them the ropes.

I created the site for just this reason. Throughout this site, you will find many beginners guides on various hunting styles and fishing styles.

I’ve dabbled in many methods of hunting and fishing in many parts of the world. I consider myself an expert in some areas like upland hunting, black bear hunting, waterfowling, and freshwater fishing(particularly flyfishing for trout). In other areas of hunting and fishing, our team of experts weighs in with their advice and tips.