Jono McHugh was born and raised in South Africa. After completing his University honours degree in Wildlife Management he obtained his license as a Professional Hunting Guide. Jono has since established and built up his own hunting outfitting business called Kingsview Safaris, where he has guided hunters from 37 different nations over the course of 14 years. Within his love for hunting, Jono especially enjoys bow hunting, guiding clients on Buffalo hunts and sharing his knowledge or advice on hunting with anyone that is willing to listen. Jono also has his own podcast dedicated to hunting in Africa called Round The Fire With Kingsview Safaris.

Is the .243 Good For Elk

Is the .243 Good For Elk?

Graduating from small game such as squirrels, groundhogs and birds to medium-sized game like whitetail and antelope often involves the use of a .243, it just seems to be the natural progression for a young hunter. What tends to happen though is because the .243 does such an incredible job, most hunters making the progression …

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250 vs 243

250 vs 243: Which is Better?

Two calibers so close together and yet worlds apart.The .250 Savage and .243 Winchester may have a similar history, fall in a similar deer hunting category and have bullet specifications separated by the narrowest of inches, but their ballistics tell a very different story. The .250 Savage vs .243 Winchester Ballistics The .250 Savage and …

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