Freshwater angling is a thrilling experience, but it doesn’t come without technical difficulties.

With so many places to fish, from big lakes to small streams and so many species to catch, it can be challenging to know how to set up properly, or how to fish for a certain species.

Our team of anglers have countless hours spent by the water or researching new gear, so you can feel relaxed knowing we’ve got you covered.

We aim to help both experienced and new anglers by providing tips, tricks, and any knowledge we think is worth sharing. No matter what freshwater you find yourself fishing, you can find advice for it here.

What Do Paddlefish Eat

What Do Paddlefish Eat?

Paddlefish are filter feeders with the bulk of their diet being made up of zooplankton. It is not usual to catch paddlefish on bait but some old records exist of bait being used for paddlefish. However, today the main method of catching paddlefish is by snagging them. Paddlefish Diet Depending on the habitat and the …

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