Weakfish vs Speckled Trout: What’s the Difference

Weakfish vs Speckled Trout: What's the Difference

Weakfish and Speckled Trout are probably one of the most notorious sources of confusion when it comes to determining the species. Not only that they are incredibly similar, but they also often inhabit the same fishing grounds! In the following lines, we will try to demystify this confusion – and also add some interesting information … Read more

What Do Shrimp Eat? A Comprehensive Guide

what do shrimp eat

We know that shrimp are small crustaceans and the perfect bait for catching a lot of fish, but what about their diet? What do shrimp eat in the ocean? Here’s everything there is to know about these tiny sea creatures and their diet at the very bottom of the ocean food chain. What Do Wild … Read more

Can You Eat Bonefish? (Explained)

Can You Eat Bonefish

If you’ve ever been fishing in the tropics like Florida, Bermuda, or The Bahamas, you may have come across bonefish. This beautiful and strong species lives in shallow coastal waters where they feed on crabs, worms, and tiny fish. Not only are bonefish fun to catch, but they are also good to eat if properly … Read more

Comprehensive Guide on Fishing Line for Stripers

What Size Fishing Line For Stripers

Striped bass are big and beautiful gamefish that many anglers dream of catching. I can’t blame them, having reeled in a few big striped bass myself.  They are a challenging catch with a fierce, fighting bite, but it can be done, so long as you have the right equipment setup. So what is the best size … Read more

Can You Use Earthworms For Sea Fishing?

Can You Use Earthworms For Sea Fishing

We’ve used a lot of bait over the years, but earthworms are some of our favorites. While earthworms are super popular for freshwater fishing, they can actually be used in saltwater, too. Here’s everything we know about earthworms for sea fishing. You can use earthworms for sea fishing, but they don’t last long in salt … Read more

A Complete Guide to Ladyfish- How to Find and Catch

A Complete Guide to Ladyfish

The Ladyfish is a ray-finned fish and are members of the Elopidae family. They are also popularly known as Jack-Rashes, Ten-Pounders, or Skipjacks.  Ladyfish occasionally venture into temperate waters, but are usually coastal-dwelling and found throughout subtropical and tropical regions. While they spawn out at sea, the fish larvae migrate inland and inhabit brackish waters. … Read more

How To Catch Snapper From Shore

How to catch red snapper from shore

Red Snapper is an amazing species of saltwater fish that can be located in oceans, bays, and natural water systems (estuaries) around the world. Snappers can survive and inhabit brackish water, which is a combination of both salt and freshwater.  They prefer environments with reefs, ledges, ridges, and rocky outcrops, where there is an abundance … Read more

Surf Fishing Tips For Beginners

surf fishing tips

When you think of fishing in the ocean, you probably think of boats with four outboards flying out into the horizon to chase Marlin. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s a whole other world of ocean fishing out there that can be just as good if not better than deep-sea fishing. Besides marlin and … Read more

Pier Fishing Tips For Beginners

Pier fishing

Once springtime hits, anglers across the country start gearing up for a long fishing season. However, the one thing you can never count on in the spring is good weather. Cold front, winds, and storms could ruin a trip for anglers that enjoy wading or fishing from a boat. That’s not the case with pier … Read more