7 Brown Hunting Dog Breeds That Make the Best Hunters

Brown Hunting Dog Breeds

Depending on where you usually hunt, the color of your hunting dog may or may not matter.  For example, if you predominantly hunt in the snow cover, getting a dog with a (partially) white coat can make you cross your eyes.  In that case, rather than playing “Where is Waldo” with your pointing dog, you … Read more

8 Small Bird Dog Breeds With Big Character

8 Small Hunting Dog Breeds

Some hunters cannot imagine going on a hunt without a dog. There are plenty of great breeds to choose from. Unfortunately, some of us want a hunting companion but don’t have enough space to accommodate one of the large breeds. Not to worry, there are few small bird dogs. They take up a small amount … Read more

12 Hunting Dogs With Beards

Hunting Dogs With Beards

Some hunting breeds may have a wiry and rough coat, and some of them may have a curly and soft one. There is one other feature that some of us look for in a hunting dog appearance. That is their facial furnishings, like bushy eyebrows and fluffy beards.  That beard is the thing that makes the hunting … Read more

7 Best Wirehaired Hunting Dogs

Wirehaired hunting dogs

Wirehaired hunting dogs are designed for harsh weather, with their thick double coats offering good insulation and protection from wet and cold. Even though they are not as soft to touch as their longhaired or even shorthaired cousins, they do hunting jobs tremendously well. What breed of hunting dog is wirehaired? There are quite a … Read more

Blue eyed Weimaraner-Myth or Truth

Blue eyed Weimaraner

Bred by noblemen of Germany in the 19th century, Weimaraner got its name from Karl August, the Grand Duke of Weimar. Weimaraner breed was developed for big game hunting. Their goal was to pursuit bears, mountain lions, and deer.  When the big game grew scarce, Weimaraner became a versatile hunting dog, ready to aid hunters … Read more

Are Goldendoodles Good Hunting Dogs?

Are Goldendoodles Good Hunting Dogs?

Goldendoodles make excellent hunting dogs because they have incredible endurance and endless enthusiasm. Not only are goldendoodles loyal hunting companions who love being out in the field alongside hunters, but they are fantastic family dogs with great personalities. If you are looking at different dog breeds for duck hunting, here’s everything you should know before deciding on a goldendoodle or another … Read more

8 Best Deer Tracking Dogs

Best deer tracking dogs

It happens to us all; everyone makes a bad shot on a deer every once in a while; it’s part of being a hunter. This is where blood dogs, otherwise known as deer tracking dogs come in. Any dog can be a deer tracking dog, but we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best deer … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones? Benefits and Drawbacks

Can dogs have deer bones

From the time when a dog was first domesticated to the present, people gave bones to their dogs.  Considering that wolves and wild dogs hunt their prey, i.e., deer, and don’t waste anything edible, it’s only a natural assumption that their domesticated counterparts can eat venison bones as well. But because dogs went through many … Read more

Are Labradoodles Good Hunting Dogs?

Are Labradoodles Good Hunting Dogs?

It was super exciting to bring home a gorgeous labradoodle puppy a few months ago. Yes, I wanted a family dog but also needed a canine companion who could be a great hunting buddy. After growing up with labrador retrievers, it was time to try something new and I somehow ended up with a labradoodle. … Read more

Mountain Lion Hunting With Dogs

Mountain Lion Hunting

We recently went on a big hunting adventure in the remote wilderness of Montana. It was incredible, especially because we were hunting for something not everyone gets the chance to see in their lifetime: mountain lions, or cougars as they are also called. These huge felines are a sight to behold, and a formidable foe … Read more