What is a Ten-Point Buck?

What is a Ten-Point Buck?

Points play a big part in trophy hunting. Even for hunters who are only looking for table fare, they enjoy getting a nice rack to hang on the wall also. Not only does a nice head of antlers look good, but it’s also important to understand points on a deer to stay legal in a … Read more

Complete Guide to Nilgai Hunting

Nilgai Hunting

Nilgai is an excellent game animal to hunt and can be hunted all year round. The best place to hunt Nilgai is in Texas, with many outfitters to choose between. Nilgai is edible and the meat makes for a tasty wholesome meal. How Much Does it Cost to Hunt Nilgai? Prices for hunting Nilgai can … Read more

What to do After Shooting a Wild Hog

What to do After Shooting a Wild Hog

The most important thing to do after shooting a wild hog is to cool the animal down. This means you need to start the field dressing as soon as possible. Shot Placement Determines Where to Begin The shot placement on the wild hog will be a determining factor on where to begin processing the animal … Read more

Hornady Eld-X Review for Hunting

Hornaday Eld-X Review

The problem with wild game is that it appears at a time and distance of its own choosing. Finding a bullet that will perform perfectly, no matter if the animal is very close or at an extended range, is a near-impossible task. The Hornaday ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag – Expanding) was designed from the ground … Read more

5 Natural Predators of Moose

Moose Natural Predators

Moose are one of the largest animals in North America. You may think an animal this size doesn’t have many predators to worry about. However, even though they are second only to a bison in size, moose still need to be wary of some predators that are looking for a large meal. Here are 5 … Read more

3 Best 22 Hornet Rifles

3 Best 22 Hornet Rifles

The Winchester Model 54 was the first rifle designed to shoot the .22 Hornet round, but it is no longer manufactured, and hasn’t been for a long time. Fans of the .22 Hornet have more choices to choose from with three of them considered the top of the line for modern bolt-action, .22 Hornet rifles. … Read more

7 Steps to Tan a Beaver Hide at Home

Steps to Tan a Beaver Hide at Home

Beaver has excellent quality fur, and when properly tanned, it is one of the most durable furs out of fur-bearing animals. Tanning permanently changes the protein structure of the skin, preventing decomposition and ultimately making the hide more durable. The steps to tan a beaver hide: Skin Flesh Pickle Neutralize Tan Soften Smoke Tanning process … Read more

Do Deer Eat Mushrooms?

Do Deer Eat Mushrooms?

Deer eat a wide variety of mushrooms due to the taste, which they find pleasant, and the easy access they have to mushrooms. Mushrooms are available most of the year, from spring to early winter. Depending on the mushroom species, they grow in a wide variety of forests and meadows and are easily accessible to … Read more

Why Are Bullets Made of Lead? (Explained)

Why Are Bullets Made of Lead?

The two biggest reasons why bullets are made of lead are because lead is both cheap and dense. These two things make lead a very suitable option for bullets. Couple this with a few other favorable factors, and it’s easy to see why lead is still a popular choice for bullets today. Lead is Dense … Read more

How to Butcher a Beaver: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Butcher a Beaver

Butchering a beaver is a straightforward task and doesn’t require much experience.  When butchering a beaver, most people only remove the legs and backstraps as these provide the most meat. Tools to Butcher a Beaver Hard place to place beaver for skinning and chopping(There will be some blood) Large knife or ax for chopping Skinning … Read more