Big Game

Big game hunting is one of the most popular types of hunting across North America. It’s a great way to get out and explore nature and a healthy alternative to store-bought food.

If you’re looking to get into big game hunting or are a seasoned expert, we’ve got content for you. Our team of writers hunt every type of big game animal between us. We share all manner of tips and tricks to help get you started or even just for casual reading.

So wherever your next adventure may take you, just know we’ve been there and done it and are here to share advice to help you along the way.

How Far Can a .308 Shoot?

How Far Can a .308 Shoot?

Most modern rifles will shoot well beyond 1,000 yards. However, not all of them should be considered for hunting at this range.  Several variables determine at what range a .308 Winchester is considered a viable hunting caliber. The .308 Winchester is quite capable of shooting to at least 1,000 yards. However, the effective range of a .308 …

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