3 Best 22 Hornet Rifles

3 Best 22 Hornet Rifles

The Winchester Model 54 was the first rifle designed to shoot the .22 Hornet round, but it is no longer manufactured, and hasn’t been for a long time. Fans of the .22 Hornet have more choices to choose from with three of them considered the top of the line for modern bolt-action, .22 Hornet rifles. … Read more

7 Steps to Tan a Beaver Hide at Home

Steps to Tan a Beaver Hide at Home

Beaver has excellent quality fur, and when properly tanned, it is one of the most durable furs out of fur-bearing animals. Tanning permanently changes the protein structure of the skin, preventing decomposition and ultimately making the hide more durable. The steps to tan a beaver hide: Skin Flesh Pickle Neutralize Tan Soften Smoke Tanning process … Read more

How to Butcher a Beaver: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Butcher a Beaver

Butchering a beaver is a straightforward task and doesn’t require much experience.  When butchering a beaver, most people only remove the legs and backstraps as these provide the most meat. Tools to Butcher a Beaver Hard place to place beaver for skinning and chopping(There will be some blood) Large knife or ax for chopping Skinning … Read more

Where to Shoot a Squirrel (4 Most Common Scenarios)

Where to Shoot a Squirrel

Shooting squirrels is not as easy as it may seem sometimes. They’re a small target, move fast, and sometimes they just don’t come out of the tree. If you hit a squirrel in the wrong area, it is highly likely to make it back to its nest, where it will curl up and die. For … Read more

Is There a 22 Hornet Lever Action?

22 Hornet Lever Action

There were a handful of lever-action .22 Hornets produced, but they never arrived in the large quantities that the bolt-action versions did. The .22 Hornet was a popular cartridge from its introduction in 1933 until the arrival of the .223 in the 1950s. The .22 Hornet was available in several bolt action platforms and a … Read more

What Do Hunters Do With Coyote Kills?

What Do Hunters Do With Coyote Kills?

The main reason why hunters kill coyotes is for numbers control. Coyotes are quickly overpopulating parts of North America, and hunters kill them to keep them from pressuring other animals. The main thing hunters do with coyotes after they kill them is tan the hide and use the fur or sell the hide. Use the … Read more

Can You Eat Coyote?

Can You Eat Coyote?

Coyote is not a food you will find many people talking about. It’s often thought of as nasty, and a lot of people will turn their nose up at you if you tell them you eat coyote. We’re here to tell you that coyote is edible.  Is Coyote Edible Coyote meat is edible; however, not … Read more

218 Bee vs 22 Hornet: Which is Better?

218 Bee vs 22 Hornet

The .218 Bee and the .22 Hornet were both put on the market in the 1930s by the Winchester Arms Company. The .22 Hornet experienced great initial success, dominating the small-caliber varmint and small game market until the early 1950s. The .218 Bee never caught on as well, even though it had a faster muzzle … Read more

Hunting With The Mini 14

hunting with the mini 14

If you’re out for the exhilaration of firing a lot of shots as fast as your finger can pull the trigger, the Ruger Mini-14 is a great rifle for you. If on the other hand, you’re after a rifle that can drive nails at 200-yards, the Mini-14 might not be the best choice. A Mini-14 … Read more

22 Hornet vs 22 LR: What’s the Difference

22 Hornet vs 22 LR

The 22 long rifle is the most popular cartridge ever invented by a huge margin, but in comparison to the power of the .22 Hornet, the ballistics don’t even come close. The .22 long rifle is a rimfire cartridge that shoots a similar-sized bullet to the centerfire .22 Hornet. Because of the vast energy increase … Read more