Kuiu vs First Lite: Which Should you Choose?

Kuiu vs First Lite

Kuiu and First Lite are some of the most well-known and respected names in the hunting industry. They both provide hunters with an array of high-performance clothing for extreme weather. But who comes out on top in the battle between Kuiu vs First Lite? Construction Kuiu designed their gear to suit all types of hunting, which … Read more

Sitka vs First Lite: Which is Better?

Sitka vs First Lite

There are generally three giants in the hunting clothes industry, Sitka, First Lite, and Kuiu, who remain at the top of the board for producing high-quality hunting gear. In this article, we will compare Sitka vs. First Lite. First lite is preferred by hunters who hike a lot for their hunts, whereas Sitka is preferred … Read more

Sitka vs Kuiu: Which To Choose

sitka vs kuiu

Growing up in a hunting family and spending many days out in the woods, I’m pretty familiar with the Sitka vs Kuiu debate. It’s tough to beat either of these two iconic modern hunting apparel companies, but how can you choose between them? Here are my thoughts on Sitka vs Kuiu and which one works … Read more

Maine Hunting Shoe vs Bean Boot

Maine Hunting Shoe vs Bean Boot

We couldn’t go on our hunting adventures without a good pair of boots. If you’ve ever been out in the woods unprepared with shoes that aren’t warm and supportive enough, then you know that same feeling. Out of all the hunting boots you can buy, the best is usually a toss-up of the Maine hunting … Read more

Shimano vs Daiwa – Which is Better?

Shimano vs Daiwa – Which is Better?

When considering new fishing equipment, specifically fishing reels, it can be quite a daunting task. In this day in age, there are literally hundreds of different brands and models to choose from. So which ones should you go with? Shimano and Daiwa are two of the industry leaders today. When comparing these two brands, we … Read more

Muck Boot vs LaCrosse – Which is Better?

Muck Boot vs LaCrosse

Let’s face it; if you’re a hunter, it’s likely your going to end up with one of these brands. Heck, I’m a hunter, and I have both brands. Which boot you should get depends on what you primarily intend on doing. As you will see in this article, each lends itself more to specific tasks. … Read more

Fire Maple Star X2 Review – Backcountry Tested

Fire Maple Star X2 Review

Backcountry hunting or fishing is one of the most exciting adventures you can partake in, and like any remote adventure, it requires certain gear. Amongst that gear should be a solid camp or hiking stove.  I’ve recently got my hands on the Fire Maple Star X2 and decided to try it out on my mountain … Read more

Simms Tributary Wading Boots Tried and Tested

Simms Tributary Wading Boots Review

Fly fishing enthusiasts know how important it is not to skimp on their equipment. However, a good pair of wading boots doesn’t need to break the bank. Simms has a good reputation for high-quality products, and they offer some less expensive options as well.  The Simms Tributary Wading Boots tick all the boxes for high … Read more

Woody Max Muck Boot – Thoroughly Tested

Woody Max Muck Boots Review

When it comes to hunting boots, you don’t want any low-quality footwear. Far too often, low-quality footwear will leave you wanting, or worse will leave you with blisters. Boots need to be warm and waterproof but also breathable and comfortable. And they need to be durable. The Original Muck Boot Company is a well-known American … Read more

Alphaburly Pro – Rigorous Testing and Review

LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro

When choosing a hunting boot, there’s one that stands at the top of the pack, the LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro. But just how good is it? Well, we also wanted to find out. So we put it to the test, a rigorous test at that. We tried it on river banks, in river beds, in bog, … Read more