Hunting Dog Names

You finally decided to bring home a new hunting family member. It has four legs, a wagging tail, and a cute little nose. Now it also needs a fitting name. 

Finding a name for a new puppy for some people is almost like naming their child, mostly overwhelming. It needs to fit the dog, can’t be too difficult to pronounce, and most importantly, your family needs to like it as well!

Much like human names, dog names go through phases. What has been popular ten years ago won’t necessarily be a hit today.

Some people name their hunting dogs after famous people, characters from movies or books, or even mythical beings. They base it on the dog’s temperament, the origin of their breed, or their heritage. 

For our four-legged hunters, we decided to go with Nordic mythology and their nature.

There are unlimited options to choose from, though. How would you ever decide on one? Let us help you a bit with that. 

We can start with a little advice on what to consider while picking your hunting dog’s name:

  • you can watch your new puppy for a few days to see if its behavior and personality suggests its name
  • make sure the name you pick doesn’t sound like any of the commands you will teach your pup or other family members names; you don’t want to make your dog confused
  • try and keep it short, one or two syllables; a more concise name is more comfortable to pronounce and will bring your dog’s attention while out hunting
  • if you can’t decide on one name from the start, pick a few and use one for a couple of days to see which suits best; it’s ok to change it at the beginning if it doesn’t fit your dog.

Remember that the name you pick for your new puppy needs to stay with it for its whole life, just like our names remain with us.

Here is a list of some hunting dog names we gathered for you:

Female dog names:

  1. Freya
  2. Coral
  3. Idun
  4. Hera
  5. Eris
  6. Hebe
  7. Juno
  8. Ceres
  9. Vesta
  10. Luna
  11. Aura
  12. Vixen
  13. Xena
  14. Dixie
  15. Arya
  16. Athena
  17. Aspen
  18. Ivy
  19. Maggie
  20. Moxy
  21. Nala
  22. Rainy
  23. Sage
  24. Kimber
  25. Sady
  26. Shiloh
  27. Sunny
  28. Willow
  29. Sky
  30. Nyx
  31. Annie
  32. Brook
  33. Kota
  34. Sandy
  35. Alaska
  36. Akita
  37. Mercy
  38. Avril
  39. Diva
  40. Kaia
  41. Pyro
  42. Leia
  43. Eve
  44. Sallie
  45. Grace
  46. Mavis
  47. Ellie
  48. Emma
  49. Becks
  50. Piper
  51. Zippy
  52. Teegan
  53. Echo
  54. Dallas
  55. Rocket
  56. Sable
  57. Harley
  58. Bailey
  59. Marvel
  60. Sansa

Male dog names:

  1. Odin
  2. Thor
  3. Loki
  4. Heimdall
  5. Vidar
  6. Zeus
  7. Hades
  8. Ares
  9. Hermes
  10. Eros
  11. Neptune
  12. Chase
  13. Gunner
  14. Bolt
  15. Bear
  16. Duke
  17. Troy
  18. Barry
  19. Brutus
  20. Ceasar
  21. Davy
  22. Ace
  23. Atlas
  24. Cedar
  25. Buck
  26. Drake
  27. Dutch
  28. Finn
  29. Jett
  30. Orion
  31. Rain
  32. Ranger
  33. Rocky
  34. Ruger
  35. Scout
  36. Spike
  37. Teddy
  38. Walker
  39. Yukon
  40. Ziggy
  41. Rambo
  42. Rogue
  43. Ryder
  44. Sarge
  45. Robin
  46. Wesson
  47. Cam
  48. Link
  49. Colt
  50. River
  51. Aldo
  52. Boone
  53. Cody
  54. Finn
  55. Pike
  56. Rip
  57. Gill
  58. Rigger
  59. Ranger
  60. Skip

You can also try making a few variations of any name that may come close to what you like. 

We hope this compiled list we presented you with will help you pick a name for your new best hunting buddy.