Kuiu vs First Lite: Which Should you Choose?

Kuiu vs First Lite

Kuiu and First Lite are some of the most well-known and respected names in the hunting industry. They both provide hunters with an array of high-performance clothing for extreme weather. But who comes out on top in the battle between Kuiu vs First Lite? Contents1 Construction1.1 Material1.2 Durability2 Comfort2.1 Fit2.2 Weight2.3 Flexibility3 Weather Resistant3.1 Windproof3.2 … Read more

What is a Ten-Point Buck?

What is a Ten-Point Buck?

Points play a big part in trophy hunting. Even for hunters who are only looking for table fare, they enjoy getting a nice rack to hang on the wall also. Not only does a nice head of antlers look good, but it’s also important to understand points on a deer to stay legal in a … Read more

How Many Eggs Do Fish Lay?

How Many Eggs Do Fish Lay?

Fish are known for large amounts of eggs, the main reason for this is survival for fish eggs is extremely low, in many cases only 20 percent of the eggs laid will make it to adulthood. Contents1 How Many Eggs do Fish Lay?2 How Often do Fish Lay Eggs?3 Which Fish Lays the Most Eggs?4 … Read more

Sitka vs First Lite: Which is Better?

Sitka vs First Lite

There are generally three giants in the hunting clothes industry, Sitka, First Lite, and Kuiu, who remain at the top of the board for producing high-quality hunting gear. In this article, we will compare Sitka vs. First Lite. First lite is preferred by hunters who hike a lot for their hunts, whereas Sitka is preferred … Read more

Sitka vs Kuiu: Which To Choose

sitka vs kuiu

Growing up in a hunting family and spending many days out in the woods, I’m pretty familiar with the Sitka vs Kuiu debate. It’s tough to beat either of these two iconic modern hunting apparel companies, but how can you choose between them? Here are my thoughts on Sitka vs Kuiu and which one works … Read more

How Big Do Smallmouth Bass Get?

How Big Do Smallmouth Bass Get

Smallmouth Bass can get as big as 27 inches in length and as heavy as 11lbs. However, these are record sizes and you’re much more likely to come across smallmouths of average size which would be between 8-16 inches and weigh 1.50-3.0lbs Contents1 Average Size of Smallmouth Bass2 How Big do Smallmouth Bass Get in … Read more

What Do Paddlefish Eat?

What Do Paddlefish Eat

Paddlefish are filter feeders with the bulk of their diet being made up of zooplankton. It is not usual to catch paddlefish on bait but some old records exist of bait being used for paddlefish. However, today the main method of catching paddlefish is by snagging them. Contents1 Paddlefish Diet2 How do Paddlefish Feed?3 When … Read more

Best Catfish to Eat

Best Catfish to Eat

Catfish get a bad reputation when it comes to table fare. However, because of this most people are missing out on some of the best eating fish you can get. Location and diet of the fish contribute greatly to the taste, this is why most people consider flathead catfish to be the best catfish to … Read more

Complete Guide to Nilgai Hunting

Nilgai Hunting

Nilgai is an excellent game animal to hunt and can be hunted all year round. The best place to hunt Nilgai is in Texas, with many outfitters to choose between. Nilgai is edible and the meat makes for a tasty wholesome meal. Contents1 How Much Does it Cost to Hunt Nilgai?2 Where Can You Hunt … Read more

What to do After Shooting a Wild Hog

What to do After Shooting a Wild Hog

The most important thing to do after shooting a wild hog is to cool the animal down. This means you need to start the field dressing as soon as possible. Contents1 Shot Placement Determines Where to Begin2 Equipment and Tools You Will Need3 Dressing Out the Hog4 Why is it Important to Remove the Internal … Read more